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You may be on this site because you are seeking answers about the next step in finding help for you and your child. The discovery that a birth injury has forever altered the dreams that you had for your child likely is overwhelming. Our goal is to give you the information and assistance to gain confidence in moving forward.

The process of choosing a lawyer can be daunting. How do families such as yours choose the right attorney? How do parents find an ethical, qualified, and experienced attorney who has their child’s best interests at heart? To answer these questions, it is important to have an understanding of why a lawyer is necessary in the first place.

Legal services you may require

Although you are focused on a particular situation right now, specifically dealing with the devastating consequences of your child’s birth injury, there likely will be other circumstances over the course of your life that requires the assistance of an attorney. These situations will most likely be civil in nature, unless a crime was committed.

These situations may be directly or tangentially related to your child’s medical condition or they may simply arise out of the twists and turns of life. Circumstances necessitating an attorney may include:

  • Civil rights law
  • Education law
  • Financial services law
  • Employment law
  • Real estate law
  • Taxation law
  • Trusts, probate and estate law
  • Family law, including adoption, custody disputes, and guardianship
  • Special education advocacy
  • Social Security
  • Personal injury law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Discrimination
  • Insurance law
  • Health care law
  • Elder law
  • Medical malpractice
  • Estate planning
  • Consumer law
  • Negligence law

If you’re raising a child with difficulties due to birth injury, you might require focused legal assistance to help you meet the needs of your child. Stern Law, PLLC has extensive experience helping disabled children, and we have a vast network of attorneys who specialize in the areas above. Please call (800) 462-5772 to learn more. All calls are free and require no obligation on your part.

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