Our History

Ken Stern has advocated for the rights of children with special needs and their families for more than 30 years. He founded this firm because he was aware of the exhausting emotional and physical toll it takes on a family as they fight for the basic rights of their child harmed through no fault of their own.

In fighting for benefits and resources to help children injured through medical malpractice, Ken saw the number of cases of birth injuries rising dramatically, with many more children experiencing the traumatic hardships that these cases entail. Ken watched mothers fight for necessary therapies, critical medication and treatment, adaptive technologies, and special education, with few or no resources. This resonated with him on a deep and personal level because he, himself, was raised by a single mother.

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How I Became Involved In Birth Injury Litigation and Cerebral Palsy

Ken resolved that if these families, and particularly these amazing mothers, could do so much with so little, the successes that could be achievable by attorneys with well-organized resources and knowledgeable consultants could exponentially help families. In order to offer assistance to as many families as possible, he carefully constructed a network of experienced attorneys who share his vision, goals and philosophies, while having a detailed understanding of the medicine and the laws specific to their states.

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