Birth Injury

birth injury

For most expectant parents, anticipating the birth of a child is an extremely exciting time filled with many hopes and dreams for the future. Even when things go as planned, it isn’t uncommon for soon-to-be moms and dads to experience a significant amount of anxiety and apprehension due to unfamiliar medical terms, seemingly chaotic hospital environments and sometimes aloof medical staff.

In order to ease their fears and concerns, parents typically rely upon their doctors and other key medical care practitioners such as doulas, midwives, nurses, physicians, obstetric specialists and hospital staffs to guide them through the process, prevent birth complications and act in their best interest at all times. While most people are fortunate enough to recount their birthing experiences to family and friends as both rewarding and moving, others are not so fortunate.

Despite that parents want to believe that their health care providers did all they could to prevent injuries to their baby, medical mistakes, unfortunately, do happen. Whether during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or postpartum, medical mistakes can have devastating consequences to a fetus or child, often resulting in the need for a lifetime of medical intervention and other costly measures to afford him or her with a quality of life, while enabling them to achieve their fullest potential.

In the United States, despite the best efforts of soon-to-be parents, five to seven births out of 1,000 involve trauma or serious injury to their babies. For parents who must raise a child harmed during the birth process, life is never the same. If you find yourself facing these circumstances, please call Stern Law, PLLC today at (800) 462-5772 for a free evaluation of your case.

Birth Injury During Pregnancy, Labor and After Delivery

A birth injury is defined as a form of trauma or injury that is sustained by your child either during your pregnancy or during the birthing process. These injuries range from extremely minor to severe, and may lead to lifelong disabilities or even death. They may be caused by natural complications that arise during pregnancy or at the hands of negligent medical practitioners and hospital staff.

With this in mind, parents should understand that what happened to their child is generally not their fault. Nevertheless, mothers sometimes blame themselves when their child becomes sick or injured. When birth injuries occur, parents are frequently left feeling powerless and without control. Often times, those responsible for causing birth injuries are unwilling to cooperate or be forthcoming with information for fear of impending liability in a lawsuit. This further exacerbates the problem, leaving parents without answers or the ability to know where to turn next. The resulting frustrations, expenses, and overall financial stresses on a family can impact any parent in their desire to do everything they can for their child.

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Mothers generally do everything they can to ensure the health and safety of their new baby. Most women listen carefully to physicians, follow advice, and make sure to forego unhealthy habits while pregnant. Still, despite your own efforts, your child suffered a birth injury. Now what? Where do parents turn when faced with a birth crisis?

For more than 30 years Stern Law, PLLC has represented thousands of parents and their children who suffered from the effects of a birth injury. Stern Law, PLLC is a dedicated medical-legal team who are committed to finding out what really went wrong, and helping you obtain the compensation you deserve to adequately care for your child with these special challenges. Please call (800) 462-5772 to speak with our experienced, compassionate lawyer today.

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