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Stern Law, PLLC, including Mr. Stern and his dedicated team of case managers and paralegals, will work on and/or accept responsibility for every client’s case and remain fully available to you at every step of the process. Subject to certain limitations, Mr. Stern is able to assist families’ nationwide. To enable Mr. Stern to assist clients throughout the country, depending upon the state where the birth injury occurred, Mr. Stern affiliates or serves as co-counsel with a local law firm. The cerebral palsy attorneys with whom our firm affiliates are chosen based upon their experience and success in litigating medical malpractice and birth injury cases, and their commitment toward making a difference in the lives of the children we represent. Mr. Stern and his affiliates are seasoned in determining whether your case has merit that can be proven in a court of law. They also help families ascertain whether the anticipated economic benefit can far outweigh the family’s investment of time and effort to pursue.

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Driven to succeed

Each and every one of the cerebral palsy attorneys who works with Stern Law, PLLC or one its affiliates shares the philosophy and vision of our firm. We believe that the optimal results can only be achieved through a unified purpose and we select attorneys with this goal in mind.

These attorneys do possess skills and experience in pursuing medical malpractice and birth injury cases, but they do so in order to achieve a fundamental victory for those who are so deserving of the resources to accomplish what a child whose life was not altered by a birth injury could do without effort or care.

Our practice areas include:

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Birth Injury
  • Brain Injury
  • Educational Advocacy
  • Estate Planning
  • Supplementary Security Income
  • Personal injury
  • Products liability

How I Became Involved In Birth Injury Litigation and Cerebral Palsy

What is a Law Firm Affiliate of Stern Law, PLLC?

A Law Firm Affiliate refers to a law firm working as co-counsel or otherwise in association or affiliation with Stern Law, PLLC wherein we refer, participate in and/or accept responsibility for the client’s case, and share in any legal fees produced thereby, subject to any limitations on the ability of Stern to practice law in certain states. We maintain relationships of this type with legal counsel in various states.

Our Law Firm Affiliates

Stern Law, PLLC works with its Law Firm Affiliates throughout the country in order to provide clients with legal options in many states (subject to any restrictions). Because of the incredible importance that Stern Law, PLLC places on the care and services provided to clients, our selection of Law Firm Affiliates is made with thoughtful analysis of the goals and commitment of each of these firms before we consider any association with our firm.

Stern Law, PLLC and its Law Firm Affiliates share a commitment to serve the best interests of your child as the primary motivation in any legal proceedings, and do so through their success in and outside of the courtroom with focused knowledge of the law and medicine unique to birth injury cases. This team of cerebral palsy attorneys approaches each case as visionary advocates, seeking the means to provide each child with a future filled with hope and possibility instead of struggle.

In addition, each firm has the knowledge and experience to handle these exceptional cases, navigate through the laws, the medicine, and the evidence to seek the maximum recovery available for every client, depending of course upon the facts of each individual case.

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