Is There a Cure for Cerebral Palsy?

A cure for Cerebral Palsy does not exist at this time. CP, the short name for Cerebral Palsy, is based upon a unique birth injury affecting a child’s brain before, during, or after delivery. How this brain injury affects the child can vary, and symptoms differ significantly based upon both the extent of damage done and the cause. Yet, while there may not be a cure for Cerebral Palsy now, we believe it is important to highlight a variety of opportunities that exist and can make an impact now (and in the future) on a child’s ability to move, engage, and potentially overcome CP-related challenges.

First and foremost, early intervention therapies are a critical part of helping a child living with Cerebral Palsy reach new heights. These types of therapies focus on helping a child with CP overcome challenges and involve a wide range of different efforts that target how Cerebral Palsy affects physical functions, verbal efforts, learning, and more. The objective of early intervention therapies is to retrain a child’s brain through various exercises and activities in order to find new ways to accomplish goals. Through repetition a child may be able to “retrain” the way their brain takes on tasks and achieve results in the present while also helping improve his or her potential for years to come.

Assistive technology is a fast-moving and incredible area of help that can impact the lives of children with CP. While not a cure for Cerebral Palsy, eye-tracking technology, modern tablets, movement-assistance devices, and communication aids all play an important part in targeting the unique special needs of a child and providing help, or even a solution. The advancements made in technology aimed at helping those living with special needs has been shocking, even in just the last five to ten years, creating reason for hope and positivity around what the future will hold.

While not a cure for Cerebral Palsy, there have been important advances in medical procedures and science that can greatly improve a child’s options to go beyond the initial limits related to CP. Each child’s medical needs differ based upon the severity and nature of the initial brain injury. As a result, there is no general way to summarize the medical options available. Instead, it is important that every parent have open and clear conversations with their child’s medical care provider to determine what surgical and therapeutic options may help a child overcome Cerebral Palsy challenges.

Ongoing therapies, including art and swim therapy, hippotherapy ,and many more, aim to use unique activities to help the participant. Occupational therapy, for instance, focuses on the tasks and processing part of everyday life that many people often take for granted. Programs like art or speech therapy also assist in helping children work to overcome various challenges created by the brain injury. Through repetition and continued participation, those living with Cerebral Palsy can benefit from how these therapies assist the brain in finding new ways to increase mobility and achieve results.

Ultimately, while there may not be a cure for Cerebral Palsy, there are important ways in which those living with CP can improve their abilities to overcome Cerebral Palsy symptoms. The wide variety of therapies and solutions available make it important for the parents of children with CP to explore the options available to them and their family. Requesting a Medical Legal Review of a child’s birth and the circumstances surrounding any complications before and/or after the delivery allows professionals to analyze records and determine if CP was caused by a medical error. In the event a child’s Cerebral Palsy is determined to have been preventable, critical funds referred to as Lifetime Benefits, can become available that cover a wide range of expenses associated with the therapies and assistance mentioned above.

We are ready to help any parent looking to understand why Cerebral Palsy happened to their child, if it was preventable, or if there are options available to cover their child’s needs once they cannot continue to care for him or her. Though there may not be a cure for Cerebral Palsy at this time, we believe that there are significant ways that current innovations in medical care, therapy and more can make an important impact in the life of a child living with Cerebral Palsy. Beyond helping your family with a free Medical Legal Review, we are happy to explain how Lifetime Benefits can impact your child’s life and potentially impact him or her in life-changing ways. Begin the process by clicking here or calling us at (800) 462-5772 today.

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