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For us, connecting with our clients is about more than achieving a favorable legal outcome, it’s about enriching the lives of individuals touched by cerebral palsy, while maximizing a child’s ability to achieve their fullest potential. We’re prepared to help you through life’s journey – even if your child does not qualify for Lifetime Benefits. The professionals at our firm come to work every day to be truly there for families.


Stern Law, PLLC has a primary goal, and that is to make a difference in the daily lives of children suffering from the physical, mental, and emotional effects of a birth injury. There is no greater affirmation than receiving a note or drawing from a child saying “thank you,” when that child may not have been able to communicate in such a way before receiving the therapy that our legal services were able to obtain.

In each case we undertake, the goal is to obtain the resources to fulfill the everyday needs of a child harmed by a birth injury. These needs include special therapies and treatments, educational accommodations, including alternative learning tools, adaptive technologies to aid the child in getting around, modifications to the family vehicle and home, and required medical personnel or assistants.

We believe that knowledge is power. We provide information, resources, support and inspiration to families in hopes of making a difference in the life of a child with special needs. The joy and return of hope in the lives of clients inspire everyone at Stern Law, PLLC to continue fighting for the rights of these children every day.

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