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About Our Staff

When choosing a birth injury lawyer, it is very important to feel comfortable with the experience he or she brings to your case. At Stern Law, PLLC, we also think it’s important that prospective clients understand that they are working with real, relatable people that truly care about the families they assist. Each member of Stern Law, PLLC, from management to intern, has come to work for the firm due to a genuine, real interest in helping children with special needs. We provide the following as a brief overview of our firm’s staff and welcome you to contact us for more information on how our firm can help you review the circumstances surrounding your child’s birth injury.

Ken Stern, Esq.


With decades of experience in the courtroom helping children who have suffered from birth injuries, Ken Stern has become one of the leading attorneys in the field of Cerebral Palsy. One of his proudest accomplishments is the creation of the MyChild Care Team as part of CerebralPalsy.org. The website and team serve as a free avenue of assistance and information for parents of children across the country, connecting those families with grants, charitable groups, CP organizations and more for life-changing resources. A married father of two, Ken lives in Michigan and is an avid fan of healthy eating, hockey and the University of Michigan.

Brandon Harig

Director of Operations

After graduating with several degrees, including a JD, Brandon Harig has turned his unique abilities in engagement, writing and research to help children who have suffered birth injuries. Previously working for a PR firm while also having helped shape the online customer service efforts of the automotive industry, Brandon brings a unique approach of community building and digital engagement to Stern Law. A proud father of one, Brandon enjoys all things University of Michigan, the New Orleans Saints and music.

Stern Law Call Center

Made up of individuals from all backgrounds, members of the Stern Law call center are effective in their diversity and compassion. Hired based upon their ability to relate to parents and help first and foremost, team members spend their day providing assistance to parents on legal and non-legal topics. Bolstered by an ever-expanding library of resources geared to helping children with Cerebral Palsy, call team members work hard to make a difference each day they come into the office. For more information on positions available in Southeast Michigan, feel free to contact us through our online form.

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