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Legal representation helps families to obtain the support they need and the benefits their child deserves, according to the law. Our legal services help to obtain compensation for care, expenses, and harm resulting from medical negligence.

We help parents plan for their child’s future when the health care system can be proven at fault, when long-term care is a necessity, and when a child can greatly benefit by having their financial future secured – every family’s situation is different. Our solutions are customized. Please call Stern Law, PLLC (800) 462-5772 for more information.

How we serve our clients

Stern Law, PLLC prioritizes accessibility and knowledge for families seeking to find the truth in the midst of the misinformation and misdirection that often is pervasive in medical malpractice cases. We believe that parents need to have as much information as possible in order to make the right decisions for their family.

There is never a reason to restrict information. That is why founding attorney Ken Stern created nonprofits that function solely as a resource and community sharing forum. It is also the reason that the professionals at Stern Law, PLLC are available at any time during the litigation process to answer your questions.

Types of litigation we concentrate in

  • Medical malpractice litigation
  • Birth injury litigation
  • Brain injury litigation
  • Educational advocacy
  • Estate planning
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

The Client Advantage

  • Free Medical Legal Review
  • Free initial consultations
  • Lifetime Benefit consideration
  • Affordable fee structure

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The medical-legal professionals at Stern Law, PLLC are fully committed to providing parents and their children with answers, hope and information they need to make important decisions about their child’s case. It’s important that clients be armed with the facts necessary to make fully informed decisions about their case – always.

If you suspect a health care provider’s negligence caused severe, irreparable harm to your child, the professionals at Stern Law, PLLC are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer questions, without any charge or obligation. Please call us at (800) 462-5772 today.

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