Heredity, Genetics and Cerebral Palsy

Heredity, Genetics and Cerebral Palsy

One of the birth injuries that has been studied extensively and is a condition that may involve some genetic influence exacerbated by environmental factors and negligence is cerebral palsy (CP). Research continues to refine the knowledge available.

Children with cerebral palsy and their families face an uncertain future together. If you suspect medical negligence forfeited your precious child’s ability to grow up normally, please call Stern Law, PLLC for a free evaluation of your case at (800) 462-5772.

Ongoing research into cerebral palsy

Currently, researchers have identified six genes that can lead to cerebral palsy when they are disrupted. Although diagnostic tools are still being developed, it is possible to test for the presence of these genes in order to determine if there are genetic causes of cerebral palsy.

The interplay between these genes and the difficult deliveries that may lead to birth asphyxia and other causes of cerebral palsy has not been determined. The presence of these genes in a child is not the end of the inquiry, but merely a factor to be considered.

Cerebral palsy – heredity or environment?

Heredity and the study of genetics is a complex interaction of many different analyses and studies. Although the science has come a long way since the first genome was mapped, researchers are only beginning to understand the interplay of genes and the resulting outcome on the individual. It is helpful to understand that genetics may play a role in your child’s condition, but this is not the entire story.

Even when the genes suspected of leading to particular symptoms and abnormalities are present, they may never have led to a birth injury but for the negligence of a medical professional. Stern Law, PLLC continues to work with experts in the field of genetics and medical malpractice to maintain the highest level of understanding of what factors may have led to harm done to your child. The fact that knowledge is power cannot be disputed and we will always work with you to find the truth.

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