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For over 30 years, Stern Law, PLLC has been representing mothers and children who suffered birth injury. These serious injuries are often preventable, but the negligence, incompetence, and misconduct of medical personnel can result in lifelong hardships.

Stern Law, PLLC founded this firm because he saw that children who developed cerebral palsy and other conditions due to birth trauma weren't receiving the level of representation and support they deserve. Birth injury lawsuits are unlike other types of personal injury claims because they require a skilled attorney with an advanced knowledge of medicine as well as the law, not to mention the commitment to pursuing compensation that could support a special child and his or her family for a lifetime.

To accommodate the unique needs of our clients, we have been setting our practice apart from others through a dedication to compassion and quality for more than three decades. Our firm doesn't just file lawsuits: We provide a complimentary Medical Legal Review to prospective clients, online access to comprehensive resources for families living with a birth injury, and complete dedication to pursuing justice and Lifetime Benefits for your child.

We have helped thousands of families start to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of medical malpractice during pregnancy, labor, and just after birth. Please contact Stern Law, PLLC online or call (800)462-5772 to learn more about our client experience, services, and more.

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