Attorney-Client Relationship

Lawyers are generally charged with upholding the legal system and acting to protect and enforce a client’s rights. Lawyers have rules and guidelines to which they must adhere, and they must advise a client of all available options.

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Responsibilities that a lawyer has to their client

Lawyers should be fair and objective when discussing options and pursuing legal recourse. They must be ethical and they have an obligation to act legally at all times. Lawyers must maintain the “attorney/client privilege,” protecting client confidentiality by not revealing client disclosures, except under guidance of the law’s requirements.

Lawyers must ensure they communicate with clients in a timely and effective manner. They must be confident that they possess the experience, time, and resources to properly represent the client’s interests. If a lawyer cannot adequately perform their responsibilities, they must decline a request to provide legal services on the client’s behalf.

A lawyer may decline a case – even if it has merit – for several reasons. A lawyer must not have a conflict of interest, such as representation of opposing clients in separate legal matters, and also must not represent a case that conflicts with their personal interests. The lawyer must be confident he or she can uphold the law and protect client’s rights given the time commitment, resources, demands, and expectations the case will likely require.

Legal fees should be reasonable and contracted under a fee agreement prior to services being rendered. Client’s property and money must be kept separate from the lawyer’s own belongings when held in trust.

The responsibilities a client has to their lawyer

A client has the following responsibilities to their lawyer:

  • To be honest;
  • To fully disclose;
  • To ask questions;
  • To have realistic expectations;
  • To be patient with the process;
  • To trust in the lawyer’s abilities;
  • To honor agreements made with the lawyer and the court of law;

When working with a lawyer, it is crucial that the client be honest and forthcoming. A client should gather his or her thoughts prior to a meeting and document all information. The client should keep the lawyer up-to-date on any new or changed information that could affect the case.

To avoid misunderstandings, a client should promptly ask for any needed clarifications. A client should feel comfortable enough to discuss any confusing items and to express any dissatisfaction.

A client should maintain realistic expectations about what can be accomplished, including the timetable and the cost of proceeding. Legal matters can take months or years to resolve. This requires patience with the legal system and the process. An attorney will help manage the expectations of a client.

When contracting the lawyer’s services, a client should fully review the agreement and feel confident he or she is paying a fair and reasonable price for the quality of services rendered. Before contracting with a lawyer, the client should understand the different types of fees and services for which he or she will be responsible, as well as when payment is expected, and how the services will be billed. Fee agreements are established before services are rendered, usually in writing. Throughout the litigation process, a client should adhere to the agreed upon fee and payment structure.

At Stern Law, PLLC, court costs and other additional expenses of legal action are paid by the client. The percentage fee will be computed before or after expenses are deducted from the recovery in accordance with state laws.

When facing injuries caused by negligent medical professionals, families often find themselves lost in mounds of paperwork, overwhelmed by the system, unable to comprehend all of the confusing legal verbiage, and steered in directions that are sometimes counterproductive for them and their child. Are you fed up? You and your child are entitled to more.

For over 30 years Stern Law, PLLC has proudly helped thousands of families like yours affected by debilitating birth injuries. We understand the emotional, physical and financial burdens associated with caring for a child afflicted with disabilities that were caused by medical negligence. Our job is taking on part of your burden and helping to give you the peace of mind that you are doing the right thing by pursing a case against those that harmed your child. For a free consultation please call (800) 462-5772.

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