Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis and Treatment

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Although there is now a genetic test to identify the six genes that have been implicated in the development of cerebral palsy in an individual, there is no definitive method to confirm cerebral palsy. If the cerebral palsy is less severe, it may not be diagnosed until the child is between three to five years old, when the brain has finished development.

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How is cerebral palsy diagnosed?

The process of diagnosing cerebral palsy is not simply going through a checklist. Parents and physicians will need to monitor and review:

  • The timing of developmental milestones – Having a delay in these milestones is often the first indicator of a problem.
  • Where the child is for height and weight – Medical professionals will compare your child’s height and weight to standardized charts.
  • The reflexes of the child – Your child’s reflexes and reactions to stimuli are measured.
  • Your child’s ability to focus – This includes a child’s ability to hear his or her parents.
  • The movement, mobility, and posture of the child – Your child’s ability to move, as well as his or her posture, will be evaluated.

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Treatment of cerebral palsy

Although there is no cure for cerebral palsy, there are many things that can be done to make your child’s life better. There are always new treatments and protocols being developed.

For instance, education accommodations can facilitate learning. Adaptive technologies can enhance your child’s everyday life and allow him or her to participate in all of the activities that other children enjoy. Modifications in the family home and vehicle can make getting around much easier.

Building your cerebral palsy case

You have placed your trust in the medical professionals who guided you through your pregnancy and the delivery of your baby. These doctors, nurses, and other providers are dedicated professionals who fulfill their duty to you and your baby. However, when they breach that duty and the consequences include your child developing cerebral palsy, then they need to be held responsible so that your child can get the resources he or she needs to live the best life possible.

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