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Children coping with injuries caused by birth injury and medical malpractice deserve the best medical care possible, and a secure future. With more than 30 years of experience fighting for the rights of children and their families, we know what options are available for your family to pursue, and what measures need to be taken to pursue all the compensation available under the law.


Stern Law, PLLC has established a cerebral palsy law firm that has brought together caring and compassionate attorneys and legal professionals with decades of experience in order to provide comprehensive treatment of birth injury cases that leads to the best possible results for those families suffering through the devastating consequences of unexpected and unthinkable harm to their child.

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Our areas of practice

Our guiding principles

  • Mission – To strive every day to provide unparalleled legal services to children and their families affected by medical malpractice.
  • Vision – To develop the convention of legal services in, and beyond, the courtroom that enlighten, empower, and enhance the lives of those touched by cerebral palsy, and other neurological conditions.
  • Values – Stern Law, PLLC believes every child’s potential is enhanced if he or she has access to the best resources and the most compassionate support.
  • Our philosophy – Stern Law, PLLC and his Law Firm Affiliates are able, through their accumulated and focused knowledge of the law and the medicine, to provide comprehensive legal representation in birth injury cases that can lead to the proper outcome for families suffering through the devastating consequences of unexpected and unthinkable harm to their child.

Our community involvement

Access to non-legal information and resources is critical for parents to find the strength to persevere in the fight for the rights of their children. This is why Stern Law, PLLC has invested in a website and call center to provide non-legal information, resources and community-based forums where questions can be answered and stories can be shared.

Our legal practice is a cerebral palsy-focused law firm that believes these efforts satisfy a critical need and can make a significant difference in the lives of those trying to locate sources of support for a child with a birth injury. In order to take advantage of these resources, a parent does not have to be a client. These resources are provided without charge as avenues of investigation and opportunity for parents, providing resources to help families discover the benefits their child deserves. This effort was made because it is simply the right thing to do.

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