Why Meconium Matters: Fetal Distress and Your Child’s Health

Meconium. While the term may immediately sound like something from the periodic table, it is instead a very simple, but important, potential part of your child’s delivery. The medical term for your child’s first birth movement, meconium is not just a general event but, instead, something requiring immediate attention from a medical professional when detected.

The birthing process involves a wide assortment of things to monitor, including the health of both mother and child. While fetal monitor strips can provide the first alarm when it comes to problems with the child, the presence of meconium is a very significant event requiring action. When meconium is detected during delivery, it may be the first sign your child is in distress. How the doctor handles that first sign can make all the difference in the health of the child and conditions faced for a lifetime.

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The presence of meconium during delivery can indicate that problems are occurring in the fetus and womb that require immediate action. Whether an indication of asphyxia, physical harm, issues with the fetus, etc., the presence of meconium should be a wake-up to the delivering physician that time is of the essence.

Beyond the possibility that the child is already in distress, there is a problem known as meconium aspiration syndrome where meconium is inhaled by the baby and causes a wide assortment of problems. Given the fact it may indicate fetal distress, as well as the fact it can be a damaging substance for the child, you can easily see why meconium should not be just a simple ‘part of birth’ versus a red flag for your doctor.

Reviewing the steps taken after meconium was present is just one of the parts associated with a Medical Legal Review. Focused on determining if standards of medical care were taken, a Medical Legal Review is aimed at determining if your child’s Cerebral Palsy was preventable. When it is, meaning that CP was not an inevitability but, instead due to negligence or poor medical actions, Lifetime Benefits are available that pay for care aimed at helping your child reach their full potential.

Did you hear your doctors or nurses discuss meconium during delivery? Does the term appear in your child’s medical records? Or perhaps you would like a medical professional look into the matter more? With any of these questions, your answer is to contact us for a free assessment. Our review of the circumstances surrounding your child’s delivery will not only provide significant answers to questions you may have about your child’s diagnosis, but also reveal eligibility for decades of care for your child.

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