Medical Legal Reviews After a Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

When an injury occurs during childbirth, a lot of questions come to light that carry plenty of emotion and significance. As the family comes to terms with the new reality being faced, there are also elements that must be understood about the birth that are crucial to explore. Though going through those moments may be painful, digging into the events surrounding a child birth injury is essential for understanding if medical malpractice took place and what your child’s rights are moving forward.

Medical Legal Reviews are a deep investigation into the medical care provided before, during and after the birth. This places the focus on every step during a very important time to determine if the proper steps were taken to avoid your child’s cerebral palsy and/or neurological complications.

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The answers available after a Medical Legal Review

While going through these days and months may be difficult for a family, the value of the findings in a Medical Legal Review can be critical to understanding your options and rights. In the event such a review reveals sub-standard or negligent care by a medical professional, your child may be eligible to receive Lifetime Benefits. These benefits can then be used to pay for the extraordinary costs associated with caring for a child with cerebral palsy, including but not limited to medical treatments, equipment, modifications necessary for home and vehicles, living expenses, personal care and more. So how does a Medical Legal Review get started? First and foremost, a Medical Legal Review is aimed at finding the cause of your child’s injury by examining all of the facts available. Once an attorney-client relationship has been established, your legal team will begin examining your child’s medical records and history to recommend the best steps moving forward. As such, the first step to a medical legal review is a phone call to our offices.

We have seen time and again that early cerebral palsy detection and intervention (through therapy and assistance) can play a major role in improving future mobility and development. This makes financial assistance even more important and it demonstrates how access to Lifetime Benefits can be pivotal for your child and family. For more information about how we can help you with a Medical Legal Reviews, contact our offices today.

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