Fetal Monitoring: The Beeping Machine Revealing Info About Your Child’s Delivery

There seems to be something unexpected in every pregnancy or delivery. Whether it’s the shock of twins, the changes in diet, an early water break… there’s plenty of natural surprises that can occur. However, for some, the unexpected can come with much more complicated and concerning circumstances. An emergency C-section or significant birth complications bring with them significant fears that must be analyzed. What also should be considered is whether a fetal monitor, that beeping machine monitoring your child’s health, provided warnings that were ignored.

Fetal monitors are used by medical professionals to monitor the child during labor and delivery. These monitors can track the child’s heart rate, as well as the mother’s contractions, to detect fetal distress and/or problems within the fetus. The steady beeps you hear from this machine are actually tracked heartbeats and your child’s pulse. When an alarm goes off on the machine, this may indicate trauma in the womb, or just a faulty machine. When a medical professional proceeds to turn off this monitor, though, problems can arise.

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The reason a child’s pulse needs to be monitored is due to the quickened heart rate that often comes about with fetal distress. When an umbilical cord is wrapped around the child’s neck, contractions are causing trauma to the child’s body, placental problems, etc., a child’s pulse will frequently escalate and this should be evident to the medical professionals based on the fetal monitor. But if that machine is off…?

Ultimately, we raise this topic due to the unsettling number of parents who call us and mention that a nurse turned a fetal monitor off due to the noise it was causing. While it may be annoying, those consistent beeps are a literal lifeline. Though there are other warning signs of fetal distress, including meconium, a monitor alarm can be a powerful tool. If your child has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and you believe the fetal monitor was turned off or ignored, it’s important you call our offices as soon as possible to determine your child’s rights.

If that fetal monitor was ignored and your child suffered a brain injury as a result, Lifetime Benefits may be possible. Funds set aside to help cover costs associated with your child’s Cerebral Palsy, Lifetime Benefits are a bridge for parents struggling to afford bills associated with CP. Your first step to determine your child’s eligibility for Lifetime Benefits is to contact us today through our online form or by calling (800) 462-5772.

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