Difficult Births: Why They Matter

Sadly, there are still a variety of stigmas associated with different birth methods. Recently there has been negative attention given to women who give birth through a Cesarean (C-Section) instead of home birth/natural, etc. or vice versa. Often there are life perceptions that steer these views but, in reality, few would argue that a healthy birth isn’t priority one. This last point is why difficult births require explanation and investigation, especially when complications in the delivery process arise. The reason is simple: a medical professional’s main goal should be to avoid a difficult birth, no matter what.

Standards of care exist to avoid having medical professionals attempt methods or efforts that may cause harm to the mother or child. The failure of a medical professional to account for the health of either while managing a pregnancy, as well as the delivery and post-birth care of the child, is not only troublesome, but it becomes extremely important for the child’s future.

When a medical professional deviates from the standard of care, responsibility builds when it comes to the parent and child whose health they are charged with. In the event of a child being born following difficult labor and delivery, a medical legal review may indicate that the doctor, nurse, midwife, etc., failed to take the necessary actions to prevent decades of challenges, expenses and health concerns. This medical legal review not only helps to provide answers to questions parents undoubtedly face (including ‘why did this happen?’) in light of a difficult labor and delivery, but it also opens the door for potential financial assistance for decades of care.

If a child that suffered through a difficult birth has been diagnosed with a condition, including Cerebral Palsy, parents should take action. Requesting a free medical legal review from an organization may reveal negligence or other malpractice by the medical professional that opens up the potential of Lifetime Benefits for your child. This assistance pays for therapy, care, adaptive equipment, technology, housing, school and more for decades to come. Due to the significant costs associated with Cerebral Palsy, these Lifetime Benefits can be essential for your child’s future.

If you have questions about your difficult birth, including whether your child’s condition could have been prevented through better medical care and the steps involved in a medical review of your records, contact our offices today. The answers provided through a medical legal review can be life changing for parents, not only in terms of answering difficult questions faced, but also for the financial assistance aimed at helping to improve your child’s chances at reaching their full potential. Call (800) 462-5772 or download our eBook on Preventable Cerebral Palsy today for more information on this important topic and your child’s eligibility for care and lifetime assistance.

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