Defining Birth Injury and its Connection to Cerebral Palsy

When you hear the term birth injury, your immediate reaction may be to think of extreme trauma or harm. While a birth injury can involve broken bones or blood, it can also involve mild bruising or non-visible damage. The sad fact is that such an event can have consequences that only present themselves years down the road, making one moment so early in life a turning point for decades to come.

So… What is a Birth Injury?

In short, a birth injury is an event that takes place during pregnancy, delivery or in post-birth care. Issues during pregnancy that can cause a birth injury include mismanagement of labor and delivery, improper prescriptions for a pregnant woman, physical trauma, complications in the womb and more. With each of these forms of injury, there can be varying levels of severity. A temporary lack of oxygen due to an umbilical cord problem may result in no harm to a child while a dramatic cut off of blood and oxygen flow can result in asphyxia and permanent brain damage. The varying results of a trauma like this make diagnosing a birth injury’s impact on a child’s health difficult, leading to a wide range of potential therapies, adaptive equipment, treatments and more. This lack of answers helps in highlighting the need for careful review of what exactly happened that caused your child’s Cerebral Palsy.

An analysis of the circumstances surrounding your family’s pregnancy, and your child’s subsequent delivery, is not something you need to do alone. A Medical Legal Review examines the root cause of your child’s birth injury to better understand it. What type of birth injury did your child suffer: was it the result of mismanaged labor and delivery, or a genetic condition? Trauma during delivery? An infection while in hospital? Each of these can cause different damage to the brain, but can also reveal critical assistance available for your child.

If the birth injury your child suffered resulted from a violation of clear medical standards, a child can qualify for Lifetime Benefits. As funds set aside in a trust explicitly for your child’s care in the present and for years to come, Lifetime Benefits establish a bedrock of stability that ensures no matter what, your child will be taken care of. This can be of great comfort to parents who worry about who will take of their child when they are gone, while also ensuring access to important therapies, adaptive equipment, treatments and more.

While a birth injury can come in a number of forms, better understanding your child’s own birth injury can be extremely beneficial to parents. Getting answers about your child’s condition can help in explaining CP to others, whether they are medical professionals or just friends and family, while also possibly securing the money your child will need to overcome their CP’s challenges.

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