Danger of Extended Labor, Delayed Delivery from Obstruction

Everyone wants to have a healthy baby.

Pregnancy benchmarks focus heavily on the child’s growth and development in the womb as parents are regularly updated on the child’s size and health with each check-up. When a baby is too big, its delivery can be obstructed from being delivered vaginally, either because the baby is too large or the mother’s birth canal is too narrow. Such obstruction issues are cause for very real concerns that must be addressed by the medical professional to avoid injury to the baby. An extended labor or delayed and obstructed delivery can significantly impact the health of the child, leading to any number of complications which also may include Cerebral Palsy.

What is meant by an extended labor or delayed delivery due to obstruction? This terminology refers to births that involve a child who is too large to be delivered naturally and can be a cause for major concern. Whether due to the child’s size or a factor such as a narrow cervix or tangled umbilical cord, a baby that cannot be delivered during the mother’s contractions can quickly become distressed or subjected to trauma and requires immediate attention.

The reason for immediate action is simple: interference with delivery by an obstruction can subject the baby to a wide spectrum of conditions, all of which are extremely delicate. One of those conditions can include asphyxia, where his or her access to oxygen has been limited or completely cut-off. A lack of oxygen can quickly, often permanently, impact and damage the brain, and lead to those symptoms associated with Cerebral Palsy.

Your initial reaction may be to wonder how, or even why, a medical professional should be expected to be aware of these potential problems before, or during, their occurrence. There are several ways to detect that an obstruction is causing problems, including (but not limited to):

Each of these examples does not independently prove that an extended labor or delayed delivery, much less Cerebral Palsy, was necessarily preventable. However, they do represent considerations that medical professionals should certainly take into account with each birth, especially to prevent problems associated with an obstruction. If your doctor ignored clear warning signs like any of these factors, which may indicate that your baby could not be delivered vaginally, or should not have been delivered in that fashion in a safe manner, the medical professionals may be liable for damages suffered by both you and your child.

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