Cerebral Palsy When a Child Gets ‘Stuck’ in the Birth Canal

When a mother is attempting to deliver her child through natural birth, there are a wide number of issues that can complicate the process. Based upon the size of the mother and her baby, complications regarding the health of mom or child, a natural birth may not be an option. When a child is unable to easily move through the birth canal, or becomes ‘stuck,’ immediate action is necessary on the part of medical professionals.

Stuck isn’t exactly a medical term, but is often the only way a parent is able to describe the complications preventing a child from being delivered naturally. Whether due to shoulder dystocia or any other number of items, including those mentioned above, a child’s inability to be safely passed through the birth canal is not just an inconvenience or an unfortunate diversion from the birth plan. Instead, it is a crisis that requires your doctor to change gears and solve the problem to avoid an injury.

The reason immediate action is needed is due to the way in which contractions can directly impact your baby’s health when he or is stuck. Should a child’s head, neck, chest or umbilical cord be pressed up against the mother, contractions can cause significant harm through restriction of airflow. This lack of access to oxygen is known as asphyxia and, when this continues, a significant brain injury can take place resulting in a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis.

Erb’s Palsy is also a condition that can occur as a direct result of physical barriers to the birthing process. Marked by injury to the arm, head and/or shoulder area, Erb’s Palsy involves permanent nerve damage that can differ in severity in the year’s following birth. As with Cerebral Palsy, if your child’s delivery involved complications in the birthing process resulting in Erb’s Palsy, you should pursue answers regarding the preventability of these circumstances.

Ultimately, the goal of a review of your child’s birth records (and medical records surrounding your pregnancy) is to determine if the proper medical care was provided when you needed it most. When a medical professional deviates from these standards, bad things can happen, including those conditions listed above. While it may not have been avoidable to have your child getting lodged in the birth canal, the choices made after this was discovered are crucial. Upon review, your child may be eligible for Lifetime Benefits to pay for therapy, care and more aimed at limiting the impact this condition has on his or her life.

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