Cerebral Palsy Isn’t a Parent’s Fault

The sad reality is that far too many parents feel unjustified guilt about their child’s condition. It’s entirely natural for a parent to feel compelled to provide the best for their child, but physical health can have even more compelling power due to the amount of help that may be needed. The truth is, though, that as complex a condition Cerebral Palsy is, the science is relatively clear on the range of causes associated. And only a very select few, VERY extreme causes can be put upon a parent as being in some way responsible.

Cerebral Palsy is tied to a brain injury that occurs during pregnancy, delivery or in post-delivery care. CP is an all-encompassing diagnosis highlighting a brain injury has taken place that impacts the child’s ability to achieve as they would without the damage. Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy can range from gait difficulties to rigidity, mental functions, significant medical challenges and more. While one child with CP may have a mild limp, others can require 24-7 care. Yet, again, each ties back to an injury that significantly impacted the child’s brain and is largely out a parent’s hands.

The truth is that short of abusive behavior, such as heavy street drug use, unsafe pregnancy behavior or direct physical harm, the brain of a fetus is out of a mother’s control. Whether due to a bacterial infection, genetic abnormality, outside abuse, fetal distress, a medical professional’s improper use of tools… the mother is not always able to sway or adjust what is occurring. And yet, so many parents take on personal guilt in regards to their child’s condition.

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Unfortunately this guilt sometimes can prevent parents from looking into the true cause of their child’s Cerebral Palsy. Unlike a parent’s role in the health of a child, the medical professionals charged with a healthy pregnancy and effective delivery can err in a wide assortment of ways. While a parent may not be able to pinpoint the manner in which this error took place, medical and legal professionals may be able to spot it through what is known as the Medical Legal Review process.

Should a Medical Legal Review and legal proceedings reveal that a medical professional failed to prevent your child’s Cerebral Palsy, there are critical Lifetime Benefits that the child may be eligible for that handle future costs. These costs, ranging from equipment needs to therapy, housing, assistive technology and more, are covered under these Lifetime Benefits, showing obvious value to parents pursuing to exhaust all of their options.

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