Cerebral Palsy and Missed Milestones

Each child develops at their own rate. While there are a wide variety of factors that can play into the pace at which a child reaches various ability levels, including genetics, environment, education, etc., the physical condition and cognitive abilities play a critical part as well. It is because of this that children with Cerebral Palsy are often at a disadvantage when it comes to reaching individual achievements that are part of a child’s usual development. Missed milestones, sadly, are the first warning signs for far too many parents that their child may have suffered a brain injury that is later diagnosed as CP.

What are missed milestones?

In short, a missed milestone is one of a wide range of development stages that children are measured against as they age. Whether this involves the first signs of speech, crawling, grasping, head movement, etc., missed milestones can be a source of significant stress for parents. They should also be a starting point for your child’s early intervention program and the beginning of a team effort to help your child overcome barriers tied to Cerebral Palsy.

Missed milestones are often the critical focus of therapies, educational efforts and overall assistance that make up early intervention. Aimed at building a child’s abilities to the point he or she can achieve those things that the brain injury prevents or makes difficult, these early intervention efforts are an ongoing, progressive plan that puts your child at the center of a whole team’s focus. Including teachers, therapists, advocates, health professionals and parents, early intervention develops a roadmap for breaking down Cerebral Palsy’s control over a child. While it may not be able to help a child reach ALL goals (i.e. walking without a limp, certain speech components, etc.) due to the severity of the brain injury resulting in CP, early intervention seeks to help children make up for missed milestones and achieve where they couldn’t achieve before.

As you might guess, early intervention targeting missed milestones can involve a wide variety of specialists and, in turn, significant costs. Being able to get your child assistive technology and adaptive equipment is the first step for most to limit the impact CP has. However, the cost for these items are sometimes not covered by insurance and can place a financial burden on parents desiring the best for their child. Our friends at CerebralPalsy.org (800-692-4453) are one of many different organizations that can help to provide parents with resources aimed to help; help is available to those families with a child who has missed milestones and requires assistance. The most important step is to take action when concerns arise.

This process of asking important questions and seeking objective answers should also apply to questions you may have regarding how your child suffered a brain injury during pregnancy, birth or post-delivery care. There are a wide number of ways in which Cerebral Palsy can be caused due to improper medical attention or action by staff; when a child’s CP is deemed to have been preventable, funds are made available to help with early intervention efforts, as well as a lifetime of adaptive equipment, assistive technology, education, therapy, medical expenses, housing and more. Here, though, please do not rely on anything you’ve been told or that you may assume. These are questions that require expert, medical judgement by professionals that are independent of your child’s care, and have no risk associated with being frank and truthful.

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