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The Injury Behind a Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

There are a variety of emotions that can come to the surface for every parent once a child is diagnosed with. For some, especially if it occurs immediately after birth, it can come as quite a shock. Unfortunately, such a prompt diagnosis is likely due to significant injuries during delivery….

6 Uses for Lifetime Benefits

Every parent wants the best possible outcome for his or her child. Parents of children with special needs are especially dedicated to addressing potential issues and challenges because of how often they can be ignored by governmental officials, educators, medical professionals, and society as a whole. With programs aimed at…

What’s Involved in a Medical Legal Review?

For parents with questions about their child’s Cerebral Palsy, answers often come few and far between. Whether you faced a delayed diagnosis, lack of clarity surrounding the future or even just want to know what happened during the delivery, various unnecessary roadblocks exist that need to be confronted to enable…