Birth Complications and Cerebral Palsy

Anyone who has given birth or been in a delivery room can tell you that there are a wide variety of things going on at any given moment, both leading up to, during and after a birth. While cerebral palsy can be caused by a wide variety of factors or events, a birth injury and/or birth complications during delivery requires careful analysis.

The delivery process is a crucial part of child birth that must be done with great care and skill to avoid problems. Errors in monitoring, forcep usage, delayed delivery or vacuum extraction are just some of the areas in which improper action can have a catastrophic impact on your child’s health. Though parents will undoubtedly research or ask questions during the doctor/hospital selection process about these very issues, the reality is that circumstances can change quickly and critical events take place that require immediate, effective skill from medical professionals.

It is when this skill and action from medical professionals fall short of the standards expected that medical malpractice or negligence are seen as factors for birth complications and the cerebral palsy diagnosis. While the doctor or hospital may tell you that your child was just ‘born this way’ or that there was ‘nothing that could be done,’ there is no way to truly know this until a medical and legal team thoroughly reviews the events that took place.

If birth complications led to your child’s cerebral palsy, it is crucial that you have a medical legal review conducted to explore what took place and what your rights are moving forward. Medical malpractice litigation may seem complicated, or even undesirable, but may be necessary to get your child the resources he or she needs to develop and grow moving forward. Very rarely will a medical professional take responsibility for an error and look to help, and even then that assistance may fall short of the care needed or available under Lifetime Benefits. This is why choosing a birth injury lawyer is essential: preserving your child’s rights after birth complications is about the long-term care needed for the brightest future possible.

To be clear, not every case of cerebral palsy is caused by medical malpractice. There are a wide variety of reasons for this condition. It is important that if you have questions about the care you received during pregnancy, during labor, or after delivery, you receive the answers you deserve. For information on if you qualify for compensation due to birth complications, contact our office at 800-462-5772 and speak with an attorney about your child’s cerebral palsy diagnosis.

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