Asphyxia and Cerebral Palsy

Getting into the core causes of your child’s Cerebral Palsy can be life changing due to the potential Lifetime Benefits he or she can be eligible for. We often talk about the causes of CP and one of the many terms thrown out there is asphyxia. The term may be foreign to you, or perhaps you have seen its use for an adult’s cause of death, but what is the connection between asphyxia and Cerebral Palsy? Our post looks to help explain this issue and perhaps lead you to look more into the circumstances surrounding your child’s diagnosis.

Asphyxia, put simply, involves the lack of oxygen to the brain. How this deprivation takes place can vary; where in some children asphyxia may involve an umbilical cord, in others it could be complications during the delivery involving hemorrhage, maternal shock and more. Ultimately, the core fact behind asphyxia is the prevention of adequate oxygen flow to the child, leading to brain damage.

Understanding asphyxia as a lack of oxygen for your child at such a critical point, it is easy to see why it can be so harmful to the child to lose access to oxygen during pregnancy and/or delivery. A child’s development is ongoing, meaning that just as much as a lack of oxygen can inhibit brain development during a pregnancy, it can be catastrophic during delivery. Cerebral Palsy, at its core, involves a brain injury. As such, for a child to experience asphyxia during birth, a brain injury resulting in a CP diagnosis is understandable.

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What is not understandable, though, is why a medical professional would not understand the risks associated with asphyxia and not take actions necessary to prevent it. Not all cases of asphyxia are unavoidable, the same way that some instances of Cerebral Palsy are preventable. If your child experienced asphyxia during child birth, including but not limited to evidence of fetal distress, it is important to have the medical records reviewed to determine just what exactly happened and the choices made during labor. Asphyxia and Cerebral Palsy are so closely connected due to the role a brain injury plays in conditions like CP, making your attention necessary.

Better understand the root cause of your child’s Cerebral Palsy, including if asphyxia was (and CP as a result) preventable, by having your child’s medical records and your own recollections examined in a Medical Legal Review. Such a review has medical professionals and attorneys review the circumstances surrounding your child’s Cerebral Palsy to determine if your child may be eligible for Lifetime Benefits.

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