5 Reasons Lifetime Benefits Must Be Explored

Cerebral Palsy is a difficult condition due to the wide range of ways in which it can impact your child. While symptoms may not be apparent at an early age, they may become aggravated or increase in severity (and frequency) over the years. These changing symptoms can require a wide range of costs and therapies, each coming with their own challenges associated with the required treatment or therapy.

Lifetime Benefits are funds dedicated to assist children whose Cerebral Palsy has been deemed preventable. Here’s some important information you should know about Lifetime Benefits:

  1. Determining eligibility for Lifetime Benefits involves a free Medical Legal Review that examines the circumstances surrounding your child’s birth. This includes, among other things, accessing medical records and personal narratives regarding the pregnancy, delivery and post-birth care. This free review can provide peace of mind to parents wondering if more should or could have been done, removing a question from the wide list parents of children with CP routinely face.
  2. Lifetime Benefits are a critical asset for parents concerned they will not be here or able to cover a child’s costs for decades after they can no longer help with needed care. This form of financial security is crucial for so many families who worry about the future in a variety of ways.
  3. Lifetime Benefits are not the same as SSI, meaning the pursuit of assistance via SSI does not prevent you from pursuing these resources. Instead, Lifetime Benefits represent an effort to specifically assist your child in a critical way. With Lifetime Benefits, you will not need or qualify for Supplemental Security Income but will, instead, have a much more valuable resource in your corner. Just as you reviewed your eligibility for SSI to get as much help as you can, Lifetime Benefits represent an additional step that can be even more helpful for your child.
  4. Your child’s eligibility for Lifetime Benefits will depend on a medical professional’s poor conduct or care provided. Just as those who selected a negligent doctor were not aware of the potential error when choosing him or her, exposing deficiencies in care may prevent that professional from impacting another family in the future. Because a statute of limitations can limit access to Lifetime Benefits, in some instances after only a few short years, getting answers as soon as possible and beginning the process today can mean so much down the road.
  5. Finally, and perhaps most obvious, Lifetime Benefits are essential due to the extreme value early intervention and ongoing assistance efforts can play in helping a child face less challenges in adulthood. Being able to get help from your choice of physicians, therapists, effective equipment and more makes for a far more promising future than without.

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