4 Delivery Issues Indicating Cerebral Palsy Was Preventable

There are a number of circumstances by which Cerebral Palsy can become a reality for your child. Some of these circumstances can be unavoidable, while others cannot; the truth surrounding CP is that a wide number of factors can come into play regarding its cause. Unfortunately, many parents are unaware of the preventable or avoidable nature of many instances of Cerebral Palsy and as a result, they don’t ask questions about the circumstances resulting in that diagnosis.

These questions can involve a wide number of issues, including prescriptions the mother is taking, genetic history, previous difficult pregnancies and more. They can also involve preventable problems occurring during the delivery. Recognizing the warning signs or “red flags” and circumstances associated with complications may be the first step in determining if your child is eligible for Lifetime Benefits. These may include,

  • Asphyxia: when a child is deprived of oxygen during delivery, significant damage can be done to the brain that may result in Cerebral Palsy
  • Prolonged labor: when a timely C-Section is not ordered or labor extends beyond a healthy period of time without intervention/action by medical professionals
  • Meconium: a child’s first bowel movement, meconium is a sign of potential fetal distress and/or complications in the delivery that may be evidence of harm to the brain during labor
  • Fetal Distress/Baby’s heart rate fluctuating: often marked by alarms from fetal monitoring equipment reflecting sustained spikes/drops in the fetal heart-rate. Fetal distress is an immediate red flag of potential danger and may require a C-Section within 30 minutes or less.

Each of these items are part of a larger story surrounding your child’s delivery and birth. The analysis of this ‘story’ is a critical component of the Medical Legal Review process and learning more about a potential birth injury suffered during delivery. A Medical Legal Review involves the review of all circumstances surrounding the birth and determine the answer to one simple question: was Cerebral Palsy preventable? When CP is determined to be the result of sub-standard actions (or preventable inaction) by a medical professional, a child can be eligible for Lifetime Benefits that pay for therapy, adaptive equipment, assistive technology, housing, medical requirements, education and more for decades to come.

The red flags highlighted above are just that: red flags. The presence of meconium, for instance, does not necessarily mean that something wrong has happened but, instead, may just be a part of your child’s delivery process. It may, however, mean that your child has experienced fetal distress and potential brain damage. However, any of the warning signs mentioned above and countless others do warrant requesting a free Medical Legal Review from our offices to get a better understanding about the issues faced and the preventability of your child’s Cerebral Palsy.

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